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Ly'Asia - Hip Hop/Pop

Ly'Asia Smith

While most tweens are watching the Disney channel or going to the movies, up-and-coming rap artist Ly'Asia is busy breaking down all the barriers, quickly becoming one of Hip Hops most promising ingénues.


With dreams and aspirations that not many other girls her age can even imagine, Ly'Asia, daughter of the prolific Lagato Shine of IGT fame, says she hopes that [her] raps will influence young girls to grow up and believe they can be whatever they want to be."


A gifted performer who has already caught the eye of the media and captured fans all across the country, Ly'Asia picked up on her fathers musical gift at a young age. It is obvious that she was born for the stage when she says, I love making music and performing....when the crowd screams for me it makes me want to never stop!"


Appearing to be a seasoned professional when she takes the stage, Ly'Asia has been said to have an incredible presence and her strong voice has led her to perform at many musical venues. A few performances at SUNY Old Westbury in NY and Shy Lounge in Levittown, NY, have been filmed and broadcasted on YouTube, catching the eye of many new fans who dub her a star in the making [for] sure.


Her music video for her song Dream really captures what Ly'Asia is all about, showing her spunk, catchy dance moves and inspirational messages that reach well beyond her age. The video has caught the attention of fans, many of which say she has the potential to be one of the greatest female rappers on todays music scene.


Even though her musical career takes up much of her time, Ly'Asia also makes time for her other interests, such as basketball and cheerleading while still maintaining an impressive straight-A report card. 


Ly'Asia says she hopes that her raps will influence young girls to grow up and believe that they can be whatever they want to be. In addition, she also states "I want my music to make people feel happy and to think of fun things." What a refreshing change for this musical genre!


Ly'Asia is currently completing a full album which will be sure to impress fans and critics alike.


Ly'Asia - Dream


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