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Since U Been Gone

by Sol Ace

Released 2014
Last Run Entertainment
Released 2014
Last Run Entertainment
"An ode to Hip Hop from one of it's loyal citizens" - Sol Ace
Artist: Sol Ace
Title: “Since U Been Gone”
Review by: Charles Sweet

With current hip hop transitioning into an amalgam of drill, pop and electro, there’s been a noticeable lack of anything resembling the foundation lain by the forefathers of rap decades ago; compositions rife with high quality rhymes with substance, with topics ranging from the socially conscious to remembrance of good times with your crew. Many question what’s to be done but the Hempstead, New York’s resident MC/Producer Sol Ace has an answer, and possibly the only real one at that: stop worrying about ‘bringing New York back’ and instead bring back the feel, the attitude and the raw essence of what made the Golden Era so great; top-notch production and quotable bars. A simple, yet effective riposte and evidence of this can be found on “Since U Been Gone”, the first single from his upcoming The Sol Ace EP: Passion…Hunger…Sacrifice.

“Since U Been Gone” comes on with a choppy sample and Sol setting the scene with “It’s been a while/Good to see you…/” before launching into a chorus that rides the beat smoothly and what jumps out at me from the get-go is how well Sol Ace is able to nail home an authentic feel, especially during the midpoint of his verse where he spits “This ain’t candle lights and wine and dine/More like Black & Mild, Smirnoff rise and shine/It’s nine to 9, on my way to my 9 to 5”; these are the kinds of stories that we hold dear because we all understand the struggle of trying to pursue your dream while simultaneously struggling to make rent. There’s no question about Sol’s ability to tell a compelling story, and that arguably above everything else is why I dig this song so much.

Sol Ace’s second verse on “Since U Been Gone” comes in like a 1-2 punch; whereas before he goes in-depth to narrate the hardships a young MC faces, the second time around he does away with all formality and goes directly for the jugular with piercing bars like “Emergency red lights go ‘Danger! Danger!’/ bullsh*t detected, I’m ‘bout to be infected/put the microphone down, you ain’t even check it”. I’m a big fan of old school nods and when Sol Ace broke out the reference to the classic Jay-Z song “Friend or Foe”, I knew he was for real.

Overall, the song is solid as he stepped up to the mic and did his thing amicably. The beat was unpretentious and the scratch effect on the hook was the crowning jewel on what really is a preview of much greater things to come. The song did exactly what it was supposed to: have me looking forward to The Sol Ace EP: Passion…Hunger…Sacrifice when it drops. Review by: Charles Sweet Rating: 5 (out of 5 stars)

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